Seven workshops will take place in conjunction with EC-TEL 2017. The provisional workshop program is the following:

Workshops Summary

Tuesday, 12 September

7th Workshop on Awareness and Reflection in Technology-Enhanced Learning (ARTEL17)

Awareness and reflection are viewed differently across the disciplines informing Technology-Enhanced Learning (CSCW, psychology, educational sciences, computer science and others). The ARTEL workshop series brings together researchers and professionals from different backgrounds to provide a forum for discussing the multi-faceted area of awareness and reflection. This year’s topic particularly invites contributions that deal with moving from awareness and reflection to action. Changing individual behaviour and collaborative practice is very challenging, and the workshop invites research that particularly deals with technology’s role in helping users take this step.

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Eye Tracking Enhanced Learning (ET-EL)

Eye-tracking provides unprecedented access to TEL users’ attention. However, there is an inertia to use eye-tracking as a tool among researchers. First, there is an understanding that eye-tracking is a technology jargon (over estimation) and hence it is not used. Second, people consider eye-tracking as a research plugin (under estimation) and try to use it alongside an already designed technology; in most of such cases, this results in unfruitful results and hence researcher is discouraged to use eye-tracking. Apart from sharing the results/ideas/inquiries about use of eye-tacking in TEL, the workshop attempts to address aforementioned reasons for inertia and encourage other researchers to include eye-tracking in their investigation methods.

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Ethics and Privacy for Learning Analytics (EP4LA)

Following the path of data sharing through the different processes of a learning analytics system (learning activity, data collection, data storage and processing, analysing, visualisation, and feedback actions), the objective of the workshop is to give the participants input to build an agenda for ethics and privacy for all these processes. The main goals are to increase knowledge and awareness about ethical and privacy boundaries of learning analytics research and practice, to identify existing theories of trust and privacy, to promote the re-use of best practice solutions on privacy and ethics, to foster the cooperation between different learning analytics research units, and to develop a kind of code of honour for learning analytics research supported by IT-based legal tools.

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Authoring game-based STEM learning experiences (ASTEL)

This workshop pulls together technology enhanced learning solutions and experiences in the context of authored learning coming from two different H2020 EU projects, Beaconing and Rage. It will represent a space for discussing how to concretely exploit project outcomes into real learning practice and how to concretely adopt technology into meaningful learning planning. Through a hands-on approach, this workshop aims to bring together research and practice for reflecting on sustainable solutions that guarantee a high impact in real learning and training settings. In other words, this workshop is conceived for people creating solutions to present their work to people from practice interested in these solutions and vice versa.

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Wednesday, 13 September

European TEL for Workplace Learning and Professional Development (A workshop in memory of Martin Wolpers) (TEL@Work)

The prime goal of the TEL@Work workshop is to reflect on the research that has been taking place and to discuss the future challenges that will shape the field of Technology-enhanced Learning for Workplace and Professional Learning. In doing so, a future research agenda should be drawn. This topic presents a particular strength of Europe, establishing it as an international leader in the field. European research is routed in traditions of the Nordic workplace learning tradition (often motivated by sociocultural theory), UK research in professional learning, German traditions in support for work processes and vocational education, and a number of others. This is combined with particular technological research traditions underpinned by business process and knowledge management traditions on the one hand, and open and social learning technologies on the other.

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How to improve Open Education with Openness for All? (OpenEDU4ALL)

The vision and overall objective of OpenEDU4ALL is the launch of a global joint initiative to facilitate and improve Open Education. The interactive OpenEDU4ALL Workshop 2017 is dedicated for sharing and discussing the latest research as well as practical needs and future of Open Education and how to improve it with openness for all. Thus, it is designed in two sessions: One on “Scientific research and policies for Open Education” and one on “Practical needs and future of Open Education”.

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Multimodal Learning Analytics Across (Physical and Digital) Spaces (CrossMMLA)

Pervasive and mobile technologies can be used to allow learners to get remote access to educational resources from different physical spaces (e.g. ubiquitous/mobile learning support) or to enrich their learning experiences in the classroom in ways that were not previously possible (e.g. face-to-face/blended learning support). The workshop highlights the need for devising learning analytics innovations that can provide timely feedback and support to learners and teachers in real-world contexts making learning analytics relevant across, physical, digital, and blended learning environments. Therefore, researchers and practitioners need to address the larger frame of what is happening across the digital and physical space and between individuals, groups, and the entire class while balancing the data, collection, analysis and visualisation. The above theme aims to encourage workshop participants to think about this educational need.

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